Pet Neutering

What Is Pet Neutering?

Pet neutering is a surgical procedure performed by vets with the aim to stop reproduction in males and females. All neutering operations are carried out under general anaesthetic and animals recover within weeks. For females and males, the procedure is quick, and you will be reunited with your pet on the same day ready to recover.

In females, the ovaries and womb are removed, preventing them from going into season once completed. In males, the testicles are removed.

What are the benefits of pet neutering for your dog or cat?

Pet neutering is something you should strongly consider when looking to buy or adopt a pet. There are numerous health benefits for your dog or cat as well as helping reduce unwanted pet behaviours. Pet neutering is a responsible step as a dog or cat owner.

  • Reducing cancer risk – the risk of cancer in the ovaries and testicles is removed completely
  • Reduce unwanted pet behaviour due to a balance in hormones
  • Reduce the risk of phantom pregnancy ad complications during pregnancy
  • Stops the drive to roam and search for a mate which can lead to accidents and aggression
  • Able to have male and female pets together without the risk of unwanted pregnancy
  • No seasons – having females in season at home can be problematic and messy as they bleed for several weeks
  • Responsible ownership – thousands of unwanted pets are born into the UK each year meaning rescue centres fill up very quickly

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