What is a magnetiser?

A magnetiser is designed to lift and separate materials that can be magnetised. You may also have heard of a de magnetiser this simply does the opposite. There are such things as an industrial magnetiser, these do the same job but just on a much bigger scale.

Who makes magnetisers?

There are very few companies that make magnets as well as magnetisers, so you would be lucky if you found one that did both, they would be the absolute expert in magnets and magnetisers.

What type of magnetisers are available?

A standard industrial magnetiser should easily meet the high energy demands that is needed, there are more complex industrial applications that can do even more. A superior industrial magnetiser will have a vast range of energy levels, coupled with different capacity configurations and different voltages.

You can also get smaller magnetisers suitable for small part production, they come with a small work bench area, they can be hard wired in or connected when needed by quick release plugs.

Calibration, Service and Repair

To protect your magnetising equipment, it is recommended that you have an annual service on each machine, and that calibration audits are regularly carried out. These will ensure your equipment is working as it should be, some machines will even come with a critical spares pack, so you can have these on hand should anything break down.

If you are looking for a magnetiser supplier, find a professional company that can answer any questions that you may have and advise on which type of machine is the best one for you.